Scales of War

On the road again (again & then again))

  • we revive Reniss
  • she was sent to retrieve us and bring us back to Brindol
  • it has to do with an artifact we recovered
  • on the way back we meet some soldiers a little less than half way there, Zoram Splintershield questions us. informs us unprovoked attacks and abductions.
  • trip takes a week, arrive late at night. Hall of valor is closed up.
  • Sir Tanian greets us. asks us if we remember platinum blade. the sword spoke to him and asks to speak with us (specifically by name). it speaks in a female voice. it asks for our aid. tells of a monastery that was attacked by a gnoll cheiftain
    Decades ago, a race of monastics born of the Elemental Chaos established a monastery in Elsir Vale. These were the githzerai, who lived secretly in their remote outpost before suddenly vanishing. Their monastery of Graystone was well hidden, and remained uninhabited for long years.

“Some months ago, Graystone Monastery was invaded and claimed by a pack of gnoll mercenaries calling themselves the Wicked Fang. Their leader, a sadistic follower of the demon lord Yeenoghu, has begun to send his raiders out into Elsir Vale and beyond. In recent weeks, this gnoll chieftain Fangren has managed to open a conduit of power to Yeenoghu’s realm in the Elemental Chaos. He plans to claim some small fragment of the demon lord’s power, transforming himself into an exarch of the Beast of Butchery. It was the creation of this conduit that awoke me from my age-long slumber.

“If Fangren completes his ritual, demonic forces will have gained a foothold in the mortal realm. More importantly, that conduit to the Elemental Chaos can be manipulated through a ritual that I will provide to you. This is the boon that I pray you grant me. Bring me to Graystone Monastery and free me from this prison.”

  • The Wicked Fang is familiar to us. we overheard a conversation of gnolls in umberforge
  • exarch is a powerful follower of a god
  • claims that her memories are gone. does not even know why she only wanted to speak to us
  • enemies burst in and attack us, we wail on them, we search them and find 4 gems each worth 100
  • we travel to greystone monastary (SC), we realize someone is following us, but we out-think him, and we see the cliff
  • gilgathorn attacks us, but we win. Theseus calls him “Thorn” as he dies. we find 11 gems each worth 100 gp, and 400gp



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