Scales of War

On the road again

  • we are on the way to Denovar
  • rumor is that it is a high-stakes, cut-throat city. complete with warring merchants
  • Nissa buys Irrefutable chainmail (2,600), (sells bold victory chainmail)
  • the trip is uneventful, it is a huge city
  • we start making inquiries, and it takes a few hours. A Francis Strong conforms to our description him. He was a good man until dealings with the Lannings.
  • Lannings were a influental family. John Lanning headed the family and was a militant crusader of Sehanine.
  • Francis Strong: inherited business, and had older sister (who was devoted to good works). Mother was a cut-throat merchant and was rumored to have devil blood.
  • we are pointed to an old abandoned lanning manor. the lannings are either dead or not in the city. The sister is not alive.
  • to the Warehouse! we find a statue devouted to sehanine. also a portrait. the women in the picture have puzzle rings, just like the Fist has. The fist resembles one of the ladies, and seems to have one of the rings that the women are wearing.
  • one of the women is amelia stong. the woman on the right is lucy lanning
  • we search the rest of the manor. you find an attic with a stack of letters. mostly mundane. Marriage between francis and lucy (fists parents). Francis felt it was out of convenience, Lucy’s father disapproved (violated tenants of sehanine.
  • john laning was looking for an excuse to investigate Francis’s business. Francis was determined to clean up mother’s business.
  • back to merchant district to look for more info, anyone who knows amelia dont want to discuss the matter. “if you want to find out something, arrange a meeting with Albert Du Corsell” one the of the merchants, and a contemporary (probably) of Francis
  • we go speak to him. he complains of corruption. knows of our quest, assures us he means no harm. warns of looking into the past and asks us to convince him. tells us of hatred and bloodshed in his parents past.
  • Fist’s grandmother ruled (her business) with iron fist
  • Father started out good, but changed when his sister fell in with Vonapps (helmut and frediric)
  • Fredreic seduced francis’ sister (it is said).
  • Albert wont tell us more, but begins chanting in arcane language. it is supernal tongue, ritual of pelor that removes devil taint from subject. Can be subtly manipulated to bind subject to 3 headed beast. likely frederic switched rituals on sister, she tried to remove devil taint. Vonaps had dealings with Jerion. they were also bitter rivals of francis.
  • John Lanning arrested amelia for devil worship, and crucified and burned her. Others have taken interested in finder her body. Theifling (mogot) seeks the other half of the ring.
  • spend 500gp to convince Albert to help. but we convince him to give it charity. John lanning then died, said to have been murdered by Francis. Lucy left town. the Vonaps were slain. and Francis reverted to running the business like his mother (all evil)
  • we overhear this theifling in the umberforge. this thiefling is a worshiper of dispater.
  • masden knew francis after he became all evil. francis eventually died in a chalk circle symbol of dispater.
  • john lanning had a hidden shrine that we can access. body is most likely there.
  • we go to the shrine. albert checks us out and creeps us out. only theseus can tell albert is aiding us for reasons of his own.
  • lots of inquisitions held here. skeleton is of a woman. mogot bursts in and we enter combat. theseus gets used to attack his friends
  • we win. we find 3 gems worth 500 each. 200gp.
  • the lever reveals a compartment that has the puzzle ring and steadfast boots (level 8 Aldor)
  • mantle of the summer queen (nibeney’s cruel reminder level 8 Nissa)



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