Scales of War

Into the wild

  • we are still fighting dara and company
  • we find cabin has been occupied for a long time, 4 gems worth 100 each, paintings 3*250, 2 potions of healing, 500gp, +2 robe of scintillation Lvl 7(Aldor), +2 verve plate (fist)
  • find note that mentions Zorn, which causes a panic attack in Aldor, memory of weird experiments. note also describes how best to attack us.
  • right in the middle of strategy session, aldor wants to buy a ritual,
  • we want to find the boy, we find out where his house is
  • we go to the sing house and it is all rundown and looted.
  • we find a letter behind a drawer. Priya hung herself, shanta raised the boy, boy started acting strangely, seemed like he was possessed by some elven spirit, shanta took boy to woods
  • we start looking for the boy, initiating a skill challenge, we determine that one of us has to pull a carradine, everyone elects theseus,we spend 30gp plus 75 for new ritual, it doesnt help, Ghost tells us same phrase Nissa has heard in dreams. we finally pass, we are transpoted to feywild
  • we start a fight, there is a gremlim deceiver, and some tree guys, it is tough but we win, milestone, dont find anything



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