Scales of War

get outta dodge, into a different dodge

  • Modra’s shenanigans are working, we scramble through the portal and get the hell outta of there to avoid being caught in a crumbling tower
  • back at happy beggar, we destroy the portals
  • we’ve dealt a major blow sharsan
  • we buy a lot of rituals for 995gp
  • shanta is a lead we have in brindol, went mad. also Dara, who is trying to aldor’s organs
  • we travel for a few days, and reach the outskirts of Brindol. on the outskirts. we see a strange scene. burly black cloak guard arguing with old man with 7 canaries. Bouncer (lawrence crawford “chuckles”) recognizes Fist. they start chatting.
  • we enter antler and thistle. Fist asks about “lunatics”. Chuckles notes unusual behavior but not necessarily an increase, but knows about the shanta stories, but not name.
  • they disappears within the last few months.
  • not that much going on, but chuckles is not really in the know.
  • Aldor speaks with Moonglow. we see Swiftblade, Odell Acton a town magistrate and priest of Erathis (and also blind)
  • we go talk to Meghan Swiftblade and Odell. she has just returned from some minor quest. We tell her we are still after Dara
  • she suggest we go to Laughing manticore (for dara), she doesnt thing there is anything in the Shanta story. Odell doesnt say much about it. Odell asks Fist if he has angered someone in his order (church of Sehanine). Eliss Shepherd, kept straying to Fist, he edged around and try to listen in on fist’s conversation. Madrik sees eliss all the time and the brindol gentleman’s club
  • Leads: Laughing Manticore for Dara lead
  • we can go search for the woods (for spreading crazy) (also Shanta leads)
  • Eliss dude seemed suspicious of Fist, hangs out at Brindol’s gentelmen’s club
  • Meghan and Odell both recommend talking to Sirtania – caretaker of museum
  • We start Skill challenge for info gathering
  • The Woods: pointed some stones, and made spectral woman dangling from tree. Looks at nissa “are you my poor child”, stones are now in original position
  • Laughing Manticore: we win the Wist game. We meet dude from freeriders. Dark haired (dara) has sniper in entourage. We win 3 gems worth 300 total, belt of luck strikes (theseus)
  • Hall of great valor: NEUTRAL!!! Cabin occupied by dark haired woman.
  • Brindol gentlemans: get a letter, Eliss wants Aldor to “get what is coming to him” (Lead) 3 images (dara writes letter, delivered by herself, written in small room)
  • we approach the cabin, knowing that there is a sniper hiding betwixt us and it.

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