Scales of War

Devil in the details

  • akiko suggests checking out the church of sehanine. specifically ellis, the dude we antagonized in the gentlemen’s club. she warns we risk incurring the unwanted scrutiny of the organization
  • we spend yet another 360+150+520+250+360+140+360+50+360+100 = 2,550 on more bloody rituals
  • we plan to get ellis and get him to tell us where Devon St clair, and bob Mcginty are hiding
  • we intimidate the crap out of ellis, we go and chat
  • we convince ellis to leave the order. He tells us Devon and Bob are in a cavern under an abandoned warehouse. They serve some evil deity.
  • we go to the warehouse and confront Devon, the fists family still lives, we confront devon, who tries and gets us to let him kill Mardsen, who worships a separate
  • we win and find a +2 wand of frost (Aldor), 100 gp worth of gems, 50gp, potion of healing
  • We talk to mardsen, we confront him with the knowledge of his allegiance, and he denies any knowledge, but Theseus the wise sees through the lies.
  • the ritual Devon needed to kill mardsen (a devil worshipper) in order to become part devil and assume a new identity
  • theseus the wise knows that tattoos are not a common practice among these worshipers of Dispater
  • we dont know much about dispater, no real active cults, but does corrupt active figures
  • we waste 25gp looking for secret doors
  • we find a slot in the altar that seems to match the charm
  • we put the charm in the slot (gingerly), a pair of eyes show, then another pair. “in endless shadow, we wait” it’s geryon
  • The fist’s father must have some devlish blood in him, the fist is an orphan
  • we pull off the ultimate diplomacy check and let mardsen go. he tells us to investigate the city of Talar Dennovar.
  • he tells us the Fist’s father was the most vile human being mardsen ever encounters. he says “Human” we note that we know he is part devil. Mardsen worked as a trading concern and worked with the Fist’s father, which is how he knows him. tall powerfully built man. cold blue eyes. Knew him 20 years ago.
  • we return to madrsens manor and we are given 1,800gp.


Hey guys, I updated the name of the city to Dennovar, which is what it should have been (I got the names confused).

Devil in the details

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