Zorn, zorn!

Scene: Abandoned cabin

Aldor Rake finds the following scrap of paper in the cabin, after the Second Wind has slain Dara and her henchmen.

Notes on the Second Wind (adventuring band formed in Brindol)
Aldor: Recover him and I will have the key to creating a slave-race of soldiers unsurpassed in all the planes. Alive or dead, it’s no matter, provided his body parts (and especially his heart!) are intact. Aid our mutual friend if you wish, but DO NOT let him dismember the body.
Name unknown, calls himself “The Fist of Sehanine”: Nauseating do-gooder. Like all of his ilk, a slave to pity and compassion. Stay out of his reach in combat, and target his allies. He is too slow to chase his adversaries around the battlefield.
Nissa: A bard of some minor note in Brindol. Stronger that she looks, but timid. Attack her directly with sword and spear. Do not trade spells with her at range.
Theseus: A typically savage example of his kind. Knows only one truth: that of the oversized blade he carries. Do not engage him in melee. Cripple him from a distance, then move in for the kill.

Reading the name “Zorn” sends a surge of nausea and terror through your body. Briefly, you black out. A memory wells up in your mind.

Two piercing blue eyes, illuminated only by the dim light of a single candle. Out of the darkness, a clawed hand descends on you, wielding a scalpel. A voice utterly devoid of mercy speaks in even tones: “Shall we begin again? Do you desire a grafted arm today, or would you, perhaps, prefer another face?” A shrill scream echoes in the darkness. It takes you a few seconds to realize that it’s your own voice.

The memory fades and you come to your senses, trembling uncontrollably.

Zorn, zorn!

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