The Heroes

The heroes of the redoubtable Second Wind have covered themselves in glory, forging a reputation as the doughtiest adventurers to grace the Elsir Vale since the Order of the Phoenix was at its zenith. But who are these heroes? What are their stories?

Bereft of his memory, Aldor Rake searches to reclaim his mysterious past, the only trace of his identity found in the arcane magics he wields. Slain by savage orcs in the Stonehome Mountains but raised by his noble comrades, Aldor is more determined than ever to discover the identity of a faceless enemy who wants to harvest his organs.

Once a bold highwayman who robbed the innocent for their worldly possessions, the Fist of Sehanine has since found redemption in the service of the moon goddess.

A repentant savage minotaur, the barbarian Theseus has found peace and purpose defending the vale.

The adopted daughter of a merchant of Brindol, Nissa seeks her father’s murderer as she travels the land, spreading hope and inspiration through the power of song.

Dead or Retired Members

A skilled archer, Iorminas was as lethal in combat as his eyes were blue grey. Sadly, he met his death in valiant battle against Sinruth in the dungeons of Castle Rivenroar.

Violence and spirituality coexist within Hasim’s soul, a part of which he has bartered away to the Raven Queen in exchange for accessing the dark shadow magic of murder. Since returning from the tunnels beneath the Stonehome Mountains, though, he has decided to retire from a life of adventuring.

The Heroes

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