In which the heroes of the Second Wind keep their eyes and ears open for information while sneaking through the Umbraforge.

Scene 1: Bickering Gnolls (Guest Quarters)

Gnoll: “Gar! We can’t use these weapons. Sarshan must give us training!”

A long, wrangling discussion follows, in which the gnolls alternate between insulting each other and placing bets on when a special sword called “Wicked Fang” will be forged.

Scene 2: Changing Allegiance (Great Hall)

Shadar-Kai Chainfighter: “Calm yourself, Mogot. I assure you that Sarshan takes your concerns very seriously.”

Tiefling: “Do not patronize us. Your master now consorts with our enemies. The Iron Crown does not serve, it only commands. If you seek to make it your tool, it will turn to molten flame on your head, and you will perish, cursing both life and death.”

Chainfighter: “Sarshan does not take kindly to threats, hellspawn. Perhaps you had better leave.”

Tiefling: “I will, but only because our business is at an end. Dispater’s memory is long. Pray that your master never finds himself in our domain.” Hideous chuckle. Mogot disappears in a puff of smoke.


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