Den of the Destroyer


Chapter 5: Den of the Destroyer

THE ARMIES THAT TODAY march across the fields and mountains of the world will tomorrow be forgotten, as will we all. But do not fear the progress of history, nor give up in today’s fight, for our efforts are far from futile. Instead, prepare your sword and shield and stand against the tide that threatens to overwhelm our lands. For though you and I may be forgotten in the years to come, what we do today will echo through the ages and determine the fate of all those who follow in our footsteps.

Seeking to find more information about the Fist’s lineage, the party journeys to the great city of Dennovar, east of Brindol. There, the Fist unravels part of the mystery surrounding his parents though for the moment, he is powerless to rescue his mother from the depths of Hell. Perhaps this mighty deed lies in the Fist’s future…

Within the Hall of Great Valour in Brindol, magic long hidden within an ancient ceremonial sword has been awoken. A week past, the sword spoke, begging for aid — and asking for the heroes of the Second Wind by name. The heroes head to the Hall and speak with the curator Sertanian, then with the sword itself. Identifying itself as Amyria, the sword charges the party with a mission: travel to Graystone Monastery and defeat a gnoll shaman, Fangren by name, before he completes a ritual that would infuse him with the foul power of the demon lord Yeenoghu. The gnoll shaman has already completed the first phase of the ritual deep inside the githzerai fortress, opening an energy conduit to the Elemental Chaos in the hope of embracing the power of the Ruler of Ruin. It was this magic that awoke Amyria from her slumber. If Fangren becomes an exarch of Yeenoghu, he will be able to unleash an assault that will ravage Elsir Vale. Amyria also charges the party, once Fangren is dead, to perform a ritual to transform her into her true form.

Even as the heroes weigh their next move, bounty hunters from Overlook attack the museum, wrecking the place as they target the party on behalf of an unknown patron. With the sword in their possession, the heroes travel to the githzerai monastery, fighting their way through the gnoll denizens and slaying the wielder of Wicked Fang. It seems clear now that their old foe Sarshan armed and incited these gnolls, just as he did with Sinruth’s goblins and the orc hordes of Tusk. In the end, the heroes find the ritual chamber and face off against Fangren. The energy conduit to the Elemental Chaos has been partly opened, the shaman channeling the power of Yeenoghu against the party. After defeating Fangren, the Second Wind performs the ritual that transforms the spirit of Amyria into its true form—a mysterious young deva woman with no memory of her past, and whose fate is clouded, for the moment.

The members of the Second Wind have defeated the latest menace to the Vale, firmly entrenching themselves as stalwart adventurers of heroic stature. However, as their power grows, so do the threats they face. A dark chapter awaits, a chapter that will put their heroism to the ultimate test…

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Den of the Destroyer

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