Tag: religion


  • Shrine of Bahamut

    This modest building is now a religious center catering to the local followers of Bahamut. There is no permanent clergy, but it is maintained by followers in the city and traveling clerics of the Platinum Dragon often stop here as they’re passing through …

  • College of Ioun

    This two-story building is perhaps the most prestigious place of learning in the entire Elsir Vale. The academy offers courses in history, magical theory, geography, alchemy, engineering, and culture. [[Jalissa]] works at the college.

  • Shrine of the Open Door

    This shrine to Avandra has a small but deeply spiritual congregation. The shrine is also bolstered by discreet but generous endowments from Brindol's merchants, whose fortunes and trade prospects are directly affected by Avandra's influence.

  • Temple of Erathis

    This modest-sized structure is breathtaking to behold. Since the Battle of Brindol, civilization, reason, and the rule of law hold great favor with the general citizenry; as a result, the clergy of Erathis are seen as performing a valuable public service …

  • Shael Kennedy

    A fast-talking, easily startled woman in her early '30s, Dawnmaster Shael Kennedy is constantly worried that her faith is not well-represented in Brindol's general population. As a result, conversations with her tend to degenerate into extended …

  • Ellis Sheppard

    Horizon Walker Sheppard is a boisterous, middle-aged hedonist with a relaxed attitude to religious worship. As befits a servant of a god whose portfolio also includes love, he is quite free with his affections, changing lovers almost as frequently as he …

  • Theodore Sadler

    High Sage Theodore Sadler (more commonly known simply as Sage Sadler) never met an intellectual discussion he didn't like. A detail-oriented scholar with a particular interest in the history of magic weapons, he will happily spend hours discussing the …

  • Miriel Starlight

    A free spirit, Miriel is the temporary caretaker of the Shrine of the Open Door, which maintains a small but vocal following in Brindol. Miriel crisscrosses the Vale frequently and is rarely in Brindol for more than a few days every few months.

  • Elena Trueheart

    A recent arrival to Brindol from the town of Marthton, Elena Trueheart is still finding her way in the city. Politely but consistently ostracized because of her racial heritage (Brindol's distrust of dragons of any kind dates back to the Red Hand's …