Tag: History


  • History of the Vale

    The scattered human towns and villages of the land now known as the Elsir Vale grew up along the Dawn Way, an important east-west trade road linking the heavily settled lands that lie northwest across the Endless Plains with the exotic kingdoms and goods …

  • The Red Hand of Doom

    h3. Origins For centuries following the collapse of Rhestilor, the dry and dusty Wyrmsmoke Mountains were home to dozens of goblinoid tribes. Although travelers were forced to skirt the goblin-infested hills by a generous margin, in general the …

  • Rhest

    Once a prosperous city and center of the [[History of the Vale | kingdom of Rhestilor]], Rhest is now a half-drowned ruin slowly sinking into the [[Blackfens | Blackfens]].

  • Vraath Keep

    Formerly a fortress held and manned by a powerful family of soldiers known as the Vraaths, this keep survived [[History of the Vale | the fall of Rhestilor]] but later succumbed to a senseless feud with local forest giants. The keep stood in ruins for …