Tag: Freeriders


  • Talar

    A small village situated near the [[Elsir River | Elsir River]] between [[Nimon Gap | Nimon Gap]] and [[Brindol | Brindol]], Talar is known primarily for being the birthplace of the adventurer [[Megan Swiftblade]], leader of the [[Freeriders]]. A jovial …

  • Madrick

    Madrick never planned on becoming an adventurer; he was content in his forest home in the Feywild with his pet raccoon, Bandit. However, the formorians raided his community, and only by his quick wit and a timely warning from Bandit did Madrick escape. …

  • Megan Swiftblade

    A dark-haired beauty whose affable demeanour is at odds with the greatsword she carries, Megan leads the Freeriders, an adventuring band based in Brindol. She maintains a friendly rivalry with the heroes of the Second Wind.