Scales of War

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Let’s meet in a tavern!

The Gang's All Here


The season is fall. Day before All Heroes Day, which is holiday celebrating TOOP and winning Battle of Red Hand. Iorminas is on his way to town for the archery contest. It’s his 4th day of travel and weary. Spend many days in mountains. 2 hours out of Brindol and tries to push on to city. He eventually becomes aware of an old man tinker in bushes rubbing ankle. He hails Iorminas. Asks for healing touch. DC 5 heal check required. Pass.

The man is healed and thanks Iorminas. He knows Iornimas’ name. Iorminas does insight check. Man seems legit. He wishes Iorminas well and walks away. Iorminas calls after him and asks his name. “Ellis Blunt” he says as he walks away. Iorminas goes to town and heads to the inn across from the the Antler and Thistle Tavern.

That same night, Nissa is at home making preparations to attend festivities the next day. It’s late and I’m getting ready to go to bed. My eyes fall dusty guitar that Eothel had bought me long ago. I never really mastered it, but I pick it up, tune it, and start to strum some cords of an old childhood tune. Suddenly, against my will, I start to sing lyrics that I don’t know.

By this heaven, I wonder greatly how I live For I can scarce sleep at all, day or night I have so many an idle fantasy only for lack of sleep, That, by my troth, I heed naught, how it comes or goes, And naught is either sweet or bitter to me. All is alike—joy or sorrow, whatever it be, for I have no feeling But am, as it were, a thing stunned, ever in point to fall down; For sorry fantasies are wholly in my mind.

My head clears and I go to bed. I awake later to a windy night. Branch tapping at window. Three beings in my room, one with green guitar, one with white furry hood and one with red wand, all masked in gold. They ramble incomprehensible statements. After asking them many questions, I conclude by saying that I will start out touring as a bard, finding out who killed my father and why, and trying to find out why my mother is nervous.

I awake suddenly from this dream. I feel like I’ve been contacted. I’m freaked out, but go back to sleep. The next day, I join the festivities at the tavern with Hasim. Aldor is there waiting tables. Fist is on his way a tailor named Zerriksa to apologize for killing her husband. He enters shop and meets the woman. He explains that he was once a brigand and had encountered her husband and was part of the group that killed him. He does not ask for forgiveness, but he has been sent by the temple to ask form penance for the acts he had done and return to her a portion of what he took to try and ease the rest of her days. She is stunned into silence. Finally, she says that her husband was a follower of Sehanine, very religious. She does not wish him ill, but she does not accept his offer to accept penance or his money. Then they hear crashes and shouts outside.

Nissa and Hasim also hears the noise outside. Iorminas walks out of the inn to see what is going on. Suddenly, the door to the tavern crashes open and lands on the nearest table. Three hobgoblins and a goblin run in and start skewering people, shouting “For the Red Hand!” We roll initiative. Aldor does a knowledge check on the goblin. He is a Goblin blackblade, low-light vision, powers: based on being sneaky (shifting stuff, when it misses it becomes more dangerous).

We fight. One of the hobgoblins attempt to steal the banner over the fireplace. A bunch more are outside the tavern. Iorminas starts shooting arrows. Fist runs over to help after dropping the loot on her counter. The bad guys are killing patrons at the tavern. Others are running away. Still others are frozen in fear. We kill them. There were small fires that we put out, then take a SHORT REST.


Aldor and Fist recognize each other from way back. Aldor doesn’t know what just happened (he passed out when the fight ended). We search the bodies and find on one of the black blades one empty pouch and a second pouch containing 40 gp.

Suddenly outside we hear more noise. We go outside and see a wagon pulled by an ogre holding a cask and a club. The wagon has 2 hobglobins with bows. We fight. We win.


A few minutes later, some guards come over and tell me that there are more forces at the bridge, and they need our help. Hasim goes over to the fallen (again) Aldor and wakes him. He’s confused yet again. We tell him what happened. SHORT REST.

We go to the bridge and find the enemy defeated. We all go back to the tavern to discuss what happened. We then go home or to the inn to sleep. EXTENDED REST.

The next day, a messenger comes to Nissa’s house and the inn requesting that we go to the town hall to meet with council member Troyas on a matter of urgent business. We all meet there.

Right before Hasim and I get to the hall, Hasim hears a female voice in his head that says: From the dry land come all kinds misbegotten,” the voice says. “Give them their reward. Quash the threat before it grows beyond your strength to strike down.

As he acknowledges his deity’s words, Edgar Summerfield starts to taunt Hasim as he walks by. Hasim doesn’t fall for it.

At the hall, , Troyas greets us and tells us that the immediate threat was that the goblins attacked the Hall of Valour and stole several relics from the Battle, and that several townsfolk are missing. He wants us to find the missing items and people. He doesn’t know why they took the people they did (one was the caretaker of the relics), but the missing relics belonged to the Red Hand. For rescuing the relics, we will get 200 gp, for each captive: 40 gp. The enemy was able to enter the city by bribing some guards, who were subsequently killed during the fight.

The missing items are:

Staff of Arcane Might: A simple wooden staff topped with silver bands, this staff belonged to Noname of the Order of the Phoenix. Legend has it that Noname used this staff to strike a critical blow in the combat between the Order of the Phoenix and General Kharn and his henchmen in the streets of Brindol, though stories of this battle have been exaggerated to such an extent that the truth of the matter is impossible to know.     •    Sling of Righteous Anger: A simple weapon with the relief of a waterfall carved into the handle, this sling belonged to Quamara of the Order of the Phoenix. Rumor has it this sling once possessed magical powers that made it especially deadly against orcs and goblins, but now, like the rest of the ceremonial relics, it is inert.     •    Ceremonial platinum longsword: Too heavy and blunt to be useful as a weapon, this longsword is taken out of storage whenever a notable city event warrants a ribbon-cutting of some kind.     •    Set of three shields with the Red Hand insignia: Each has a charred hole near the center.     •    Gauntlets of Valor: Set of iron gauntlets with extensive filigree and strangely, more than fifty notches carved into the base of the gauntlets. Belonged to Pradir of the Order of the Phoenix.     •    “Dancing Shoes”: Although these shoes appear to be nothing more than ordinary brown boots, a type worn by countless travellers, local legend has it that Gaspard’s remarkable powers of evasion and acrobatics stemmed in part from these boots.

The people are: Adronsius, Kartenix, Thurann, Mirtala, Sertanian, and Jalissa

We agree to this task (what a surprise!). He explains why we were each chosen (we’re awesome, obviously). He then tells us that there is a prisoner to interrogate. We take our leave and go question a hobgoblin.

He is in a stockade. His wounds have been tended. He is covered in tomatoes. I try and diplomacy with him and start to soften him up. The others hit or intimidate him. The hobgoblin says that Sinruth (leader of the goblins) would destroy us all. Fist convinces the guards to free him so that he can be beaten (no weapons). They spar. Fist wins.

Hobgoblin says that they will strike out from the ruins of Castle Rivenroar. Fist forces him to draw a crude map to the ruins. he didn’t know anything about the things that were taken. The prisoners were taken as tribute to the monsters that guard the goblin lair. We turn him back over to the guards and call it a night.

Using our Mad Skillz

02/05 (Peter is missing cuz he’s lame)

Pending To do: Find relics, save townsfolk from Castle Rivenroar

Told Troyas the info that the hobgoblin gave us.

Castle is about 8 hrs away by foot.

We set out mid-morning for the castle. After a couple of hours, we find a rough trail to follows, while keeping an eye out. We hear a clicking sound and armoured bugs appear ahead. Initiative. There are 2 mommies and 6 babies. We suck but we win. Hasim went down. Fist makes a successful heal check to stabilize him.


We learn that the interrogation was a failed skill check, so this is a MILESTONE.

SHORT REST. Then Nissa uses song to heal Hasim.


We suspect that the map is not reliable, although we think we’re going in the right direction. We will need to do a skill challenge to find the castle now. We need 8 successes before 3 failures. Skills are: Perception, Nature, Endurance, Athletics, Acrobatics.

Hasim does perception check aided by Nissa (Fist fails aid): Pass Aldor makes nature check: Pass We all make endurance checks: Hasim and Fist fail. Nissa and Aldor Pass. End of round 1: 2 passes/0 failures

Hasim does acrobatics check to climb to higher ground aided by Aldor: Pass Nissa does perception check aided by Fist: Pass Endurance checks: Nissa, Fist and Aldor fail, Hasim passes. Therefore surrounding start to affect us. We all lose one healing surge and it counts as a failure. End of round 2: 4 passes/ 1 failure

Aldor will do another nature check aided by Fist: Pass Hasim does perception check aided by Nissa: Pass Endurance checks for all: Fist fails, all others pass. Counts as a Pass End of round 3: 7 passes/ 1 failure

Hasim does a nature check aided by Aldor: Pass

And we succeed the challenge. We’ve been travelling for 8 hours. We are heading in the right direction, and we see in the distance a castle spire.

We take an EXTENDED REST here, before we get too close. No incidents. Raining and fog starts.

Skill challenge to approach castle without being detected. We are trying to find an entrance into the catacombs. 6 successes before 3 failures. Skills: Dungeoneering, history, insight, perception, stealth

Aldor starts with a history aided by Nissa: Pass. We learn that this castle came up during a tavern customer ramble, and there are several old families associated with it besides Rivenroar: Von Urstadt, Von Jallach, and Von Adrez-Kauthin. The last one triggers something, but we don’t know what. Fist does an insight check aided by Hasim: Pass. We remember that the Von Adrez-Kauthin clan were obsessed with staying young. Group stealth check: Fist fails, others pass. Counts as a Pass. Round 1 ends: 3 passes/ 0 failure

Fist does an insight check (Aldor fails aid): Fail Hasim does a perception check aided by NIssa: Pass. Find some gaps in structure. ALso find a cave that can hold freed prisoners. Group stealth check: Nissa, Fist fail and Hasim/Aldor pass. Counts a Pass. Round 2 ends: 5 passes/1 failure

Aldor does another history check (Fist fails aid): Pass. We find out that the Von Adrez-Kauthin line ended abruptly, and one of them went a little crazy and was involved in dark magicks. Challenge succeeded.

At the entrance to the catacombs, we see a head on a spike. Fist recognizes it as Kartenix (guard captain from Brindol). FIst is upset, takes head to body nearby, and prays over it.

We enter catacombs and surprise some enemies (they are hobgoblins wielding flails). Fist notices some grooves in the floor. An insight check indicates that the braziers might move along those grooves. Initiative and fight. Fist goes down once and is brought back. The braziers are moving. We win and turn off braziers.


SHORT REST & search. We find no treasure of note.

Dawn of the Dead (That means us)

03/13 We’re all here

Pending To do: Find relics, save townsfolk from Castle Rivenroar

Ajax listens at both doors. At the door on the right, he hears nothing. On the left he hears very faint breathing and movement.

For this dungeon, Jay will run stealth as short skill challenges. If we win, we will get a surprise round. Failure means we don’t get to surprise the bad guys and we make some noise that may have impact.

Exploring skill check: Begins with everyone doing a stealth check then we can check using one of: bluff, dungeoneering, history, insight, perception, religion. 4 successes before 3 failures.

We choose to go towards the left. We do the check. Start with the stealth check. Robb and Nat fail, but others pass, so 1 success.

Arvind does history check DC 18: Pass. Peter uses Perception DC 16: Pass. He discovers that the door has a squeaky hinge. We take care of that. Nat uses Bluff to try to use Ghost sound to distract the people in the room DC:16. Fail. Robb does religion check: Pass. Gains a sense that the other side of the door leads north. We succeed.


We enter a room to the north through those doors to find 5 bad guy hobgoblins. We surprise them. Nissa takes out a mook. So does Ajax. Fist and Hasim are having a bad night. Aldor hits a guy. The real fight ensues and they start to fight back. At one point Hasim goes down, but Nissa can heal him. Fist dies. Iorminas heals him. Iorminas died. Hasim healed him. We win and level so we heal fully.


Iorminas searches the room and finds 2 potions of healing and a note on subcommander:

Kill order 1.      Soldier right away (kill traitor first, har har!) 2.      dwarf in 2 hours (MAKE HIM SUFFER!!!) 3.      old man in 6 hours (then feed to stinker) 4.      women in 10 hours (sac together) 5.      boy in 14 hours (keep to last, DON’T TOUCH – wight’s orders) Heard from Sinruth. He says to up rate o’ sac if we here anyone (maybe from brindel?) trying to rescue prisoners. wight won’t be happy but sinruth says he’ll do it if he needs to. This is stupid. why cant we just KILL THEM ALL AT ONCE???

[the soldier entry has been crossed off]

We skill check to illuminate/search a hall across a pit. Same rules as above. 3 pass/2 fail = 1 success. Iorminas Perceives and passes. He becomes aware that there might be something in the dark farther along. Hasim stealthily finds another pit on a success. Fist insights to see what the “something” is and passes. He hears sound of being slapped around and dragged away.


The hall in question is now visible. We surprise bad guys and we fight! We win.


We search the room and find that the pit in the room is a refuse pit. There is a treasure chest and alters. A religion check tells us that the alters were originally for Vecna but were reconsecrated to bane. In one sarcophagi we find a gem (100 gp) and 200 sp. We check the chest for traps, but find none. We open the chest and find 1 potion of healing, and 70 gp. Also find magical greatbow (+1 rebounding). Iorninas claims the bow. Fist claims potion.

The door looks like a regular door.

Tireless Warriors

03/19 (peter thinks he’s better than us)

Pending To do: Find relics, save townsfolk from Castle Rivenroar

Iorminas is napping in a corner of the alter room. We decide to go through the door in the room. We listen and hear sobbing. The Fist opens the door.

Hasim sneaks down a hallway. We come to a room with 3 statues of displacer beasts and an altar with a human female tied to it, sobbing. The statues’ eyes are glowing. Hasim is going to go in, checking for traps along the way. Aldor’s eyes focus on the bloodstains on the altar. He closes his eyes as memory barrels down on him in waves of black vertigo. A leering, inhuman face, with skin like a leper, slices into his mind. “But I’ve given you your freedom. Are you telling me that you’d rather stay with me?” it cackles. “Yes,” he slurs through swollen lips, his eyes leaden, his tongue a slice of stale bread. When he opens his eyes, the image is gone.

As Hasim goes closer to the altar, he notices that it’s dedicated to the Raven Queen. He kneels quickly and says a payer, tells us to stay back, and continues. The girl is one of the townsfolk, but she’s almost senseless with fear. Hasim tries to talk to her but she doesn’t respond. He knocks her unconscious and unties her. The Fist runs in and blasts Hasim for hitting her, because she disapproves of him knocking her out. Hasim justifies trying to keep her quiet.

The Fist tries to see if she’s possessed, but can’t tell. Aldor thinks about how the beasts and the Raven Queen are connected. Nothing. Hasim passes the girl to the Fist. Nissa searches the room. Hasim checks the altar to make sure it’s legit before praying at it. Looks OK so he prays. Nothing happens.

As we decide what to do next, the girl starts to come around. Fist tries to comfort her but she freaks out. Nissa goes in and tries. I seem to calm her slightly. I keep talking soothingly. She talks back a little. Aldor tries as well, sympathizing with her. She calms further and says she’s Mirtala.

We ask where the others are. Adronsius (dwarf) was being held in a family crypt upstairs (place starts with a J). The last time she saw Sertanian, he was up a spiral staircase, around some corners and then down 2 flights. Does not know where Jalissa or Thurann are.

We send her with Iorminas to the cave we found to hide.

We go to the door in the pit hall, trying to find stairs upward to find the dwarf. We check it and open it. We find a big chamber with 3 paintings. We go in. The left painting is a female elf in green. The right is an half-orc with a great-axe. The centre is a human young male in black robes. Their spectres appear and challenge us for waking them. Initiative. We fight! We win, but they disappear when they get bloody.


The black robed guy reappears after combat, and complements us, hoping we will be the one to stop Pharazon and send their souls to the Raven Queen. And he allows us a free healing surge. The Fist asks if they have other knowledge to help us find the others. Pharazon is bound to catacombs, and that any murders committed will connect him closer to the Queen’s domain. Also, killing children will make him more powerful. The von Jallich crypt is in the room to the right of the very first room. Pharazon bound these spirits to the paintings, and when he dies, they will be free to go to the Queen.

We listen at the door in the painting room, but don’t hear anything. We go to the crypt door in the first room.

We try and sneak into the crypt. Sneak skill challenge DC 17. Two pass, two fail = 1 success. Nissa does a history check on on Jallich name and remembers that they had a fondness for glowing runes, so we now expect them to be in the crypt. They may or may not be magical. 2 success so far. Aldor tries a check to get info on the runes but fails. Fist does insight to extrapolate info from rest of castle to apply on this door. Success (3 total, 1 failure). Deduces that this area shouldn’t be too unexpected, but that the runes will be in a circle in the centre of the room, and they will probably have damaging properties. Hasim uses perception to check the door for squeakiness and traps. Success. We win the challenge. Hasim deduces that the passage will go north pretty quickly.


We proceed through the door, go north, find stairs going up and find the crypt. There is a square of runes in the centre of the room. The Fist feels a sudden chill and notices that this section is very secluded. An arcana check deduces that if we step on runes it’s 2d6 damage. If we fly over, 1d4. We move towards the eastern door and go through. We find 3 bad guys and Adronsius. We fight! We win.


We search the room and find a non magical fountain, and a chest containing 180 gp and a +1 acidic longsword. The Fist claims the sword.

We speak to Adronsias. He says that Jalissa is on an upper level. Also, he knows that the door in the painting room leads into a crypt area containing many enemies. Beyond is a jail area with possibly other prisoners.

We go there, burst in, and enter combat with zombies and other bad guys. We win.


We search the area and find alcoves with skeletons. We also find a chest containing a +1 Rain of Hammers ki focus and a +1 Mac-Fuirmidh Cittern. Hasim claims the focus and Nissa claims the cittern.


We go through the next door in the room down some halls and stairs and find a jail area. We find Sertanian and free him. He gives us a detailed description of the missing valuables. He had no extra info about Jalissa and the boy. We send him with Iorminas and forge on the the upper level. We meet bad guys and fight. Fist goes down and fails one death save.

We stop mid combat at creature 65.

We All Almost Die

03/26 (Peter is in a warmer place than here)

Pending To do: Find relics, save townsfolk from Castle Rivenroar (2 left: Jalissa & boy)

We continue fight. WE WIN!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!


We hear noise behind some of the doors, and realize we need to leave that space and take the bodies with us. We decide to take an extended rest, despite the sacrificial schedule, since Fist has no more surges left, and we are all out of powers and action points. We hole up in the room where the dwarf was. We search the bodies and find nothing.


After the extended, we awake and hear shuffling. We get attacked by zombies and ghouls. We fight. We win. Searching gets us nothing.


We return to the 2nd floor and search the room where we had the battle. The staircase has words on the stairs: von Adrez Kaulthin crypt. We listen at the doors. We hear nothing behind the doors, but one of them is open and we hear voices in the distance.

We move towards voices, which sound like they are taunting someone. We move in and start fighting skeletons. We also hear that it’s a child being tortured. As we fight our way into the room, we realize we are in a throne room, and there is a boy in a cage. We also meet the big boss, a Wight. We all almost die heroically, but survive and win. We release the child.


We search the bad guys and the throne room. On the walls are portraits of past lords. One of them has a lot of value (250 gp), so we will take it. We find 200 gp, a pair of boots of free movement. Fist claims them.

The child is healed and tells us that Jalissa is still alive and he tells us where she is. He asks about his father (the soldier) and the Fist tells him what happened, with as much diplomacy as possible. We send him to safety with Iorminas.

Beyond the hall to the left, there is a smelly, goopy thing: Offalien. We decide not to fight him yet, and will search the rest of the rooms we’ve gone by.

Iorminas' Last Stand

04/02 The Gang’s All Here

We start by searching the rest of the rooms, starting with the fountain room. Nothing there. Aldor goes to the pool room. Nothing except stairs going up. We go through a door on the left and go into a room with a black square that gives HP to undead. We get to a hall with a door to the Offalien. We decide to fight. We fight and win. Nothing found.


Keep searching and find a shrine to an unidentified deity. There is a obelisk with a compartment with a Master’s Wand of Frost Ray for Aldor. We continue to another door. Behind one we hear breathing and sobbing. We find another crypt with stone coffins. We find Jalissa. She wants to stay with us for now but we send her to the others. I ask her where the treasures are, but she doesn’t know. We search the rest of the room and find hidden recess in wall containing +1 Lucky Charm for Iorminas.

We open the last door and find stairs going up. We find bad guys and fight.

We fight the big boss and get our asses handed to us. The mighty Iorminas falls and does not get back up. RIP (Fist take the Lucky Charm). Finally, with our very last hope, we kill everyone. We find a sarcophagus with Cape of the Mountebank for Hasim. We also find all the missing artifacts. There is a letter on Sinruth’s corpse:

Brave Sinruth, The Red Hand will rise again! The other remnants take great cheer in your recent attacks on commerce coming into The Blight That is Brindol. We are pleased with your ability to inspire a fighting spirit in others, whether they have true goblin blood or not. To be blunt, we think you should have many more soldiers under your command. Many, many more. And recent events have rendered some remnants leaderless. With a bold stroke on your part, the remnants would rally to the Red Hand you so proudly display. As your bold stroke, do this: Attack the The Blight That is Brindol by night. Focus your efforts on their Hall of Great Valor, for it mocks the many hard-won victories by the first Red Hand of Doom. Take from them the spoils of war they shamelessly hang on their walls and bring those antiques back to Rivenroar. Turning over captives to your unliving allies at Rivenroar is perfectly acceptable. War sometimes makes strange bedfellows, and we appreciate how you’ve united such disparate forces under your banner. Whatever prisoners you take from Rivenroar you can give to the wight. Fight with the valour of your ancestors, Sinruth. And keep your hands stained red with the blood of the weak! I will visit you again next month, at a time of my choosing.

The Emissary


We go back to town, bringing the captives, the artifacts, Iorminas’ corpse and the soldier’s corpse. We arrange burial for the dead and go to see Troyas, who rewards us with 400 gp.

And so ends the module.

Welcome Theseus

04/11 (Everyone is here)

We are in town and Troyass thanks us and pays us. The Fist tells him that we don’t believe the threat is finished. He says he doesn’t believe we can follow up on that right now, but he will pursue it.

Troyass offers us is a charter as a mercenary group, and asks us for a name. He asks us to attend a ceremony in the town square and party with the upper class. Nissa asks that Iominas be remembered as part of the proceedings, and that his Lucky Charm be added to the museum exhibit. Troyass thinks that is a good idea, and will arrange it.

We leave and go and buy some items. Hasim gets a Floating lantern, and Aldor gets a Repulsion Armor +1.

The next day, people are gathered in the town square. Troyass is making a speech to introduce us. We are cheered at. That night, we head t the party. Hasim was told that his contact wants to meet him later that night.

Theseus is present at the party, although we don’t know him yet.

We also get introduced to Lord Marsden Kall. He basically says that Troyass loves us now, but will discard us easily enough if it suits him.

Moonglow (tavern owner) tells us at the party that she heard that there were rumours of a hoard of orcs coming to overtake the Vale. Dwarf city of Overlook is hiring mercenaries to help destroy them. She councils that we head out no later than tomorrow, and to contact Elder Kadrick once there for more details.

A strange man approaches Aldor asking how we killed the Wight (specifics on the ritual and magic involved). Aldor says he doesn’t really know, but asks his name to get back to him. The man simply walks away. Aldor goes and tells the Fist about his encounter with the man.

Theseus recognizes the man from Overlook: Rufus Crumly, a necromancer. He has a reputation of being able to obtain elicit items. Not generally a well like guy.

Hasim’s arch-nemesis comes over to taunt him. He insults us regarding Iorminas, and Hasim punches him. The guy is escorted out. Security asks Hasim to calm himself, so he decides to leave.

Aldor is keeping an eye on Crumly. When he leaves, Aldor will follow.

Nissa is partying it up, when the leader of the Freeriders comes up to speak to me. She is very nice, and we hit it off. She “tells it like it is” and doesn’t seem bothered that she is no longer the flavour of the month.

Hasim goes off to meet his informant. He warns Aldor about the potential unfriendliness of notoriety. He also asks what Hasim’s opinion about Aldor is. Hasim says he is concerned about him, and his ignorance to his power. He also says that the mission in Overlook is a smaller piece in a larger puzzle. Finally, he tells Hasim to look deeper into the magic weapons (not the relics) we found.

The next morning when we gather, Hasim tells us about the warning on the weapons. Hasim inspects the weapon with our help, and finds on every weapon as small black arrow carved into the base of each weapon. Aldor remembers that the symbol possibly might have been associated with a mercenary band from the past.

We head out to Overlook with horses from the city (Nissa rides with Aldor). It will take us about 5 days west to get there. First few day pass without incident. We get to the dwarf road on day 4. About a day from Overlook, during Aldor’s solo watch at night, he becomes aware of some sounds from the bush. NE of Aldor’s position, something is moving behind the trees. We go into initiative. We fight bugbears and shifty guys. And a howler thing. Aldor and the Fist drop and come back. Aldor and Fist drop again. The Fist comes back and drops again. We win. We search the bodies and find mundane equipment. On the battle lord, we find 2 gems worth 40gp and 50 gp. We also find a note written in Goblin. Aldor casts Comprehend Languages to read the note:

1. eladrin – harvest his organs 2. human, warrior, heavy armor 3. gnome, bard 4. shifter, caravan guard


We are "The Second Wind"
Silent, but deadly

Open threads/stuff to do: “The Emissary” coming back to Rivenroar within the month; go to Overlook because they are hiring mercenaries; contact Elder Kadrick in Overlook; Rufus Crumly, the necromancer is suspicious; Aldor’s power; black arrows on our weapons; why does the enemy want to harvest Aldor’s organs?; spy in Brindol?; bring $$ to Moradin temple

We complete a night’s rest and continue to Overlook the next day. The city is pretty big. It is mid to late afternoon when we arrive. A guard at the gate notices we are mercenaries and we tell him we are here about the orcs.

We find an inn called the Mountain’s Hearth, with an innkeeper Reggen (female dwarf). I offer to perform that evening. Aldor tries to disguise himself to look like a halfling, so that no one can harvest his organs.

The next morning, we go to find Elder Kadrick. We get to the main government building and enter a main room with a 20 ft tall dais with 5 Elders standing on it. Many groups are also in the room. Kadrick makes a speech about how we have to stop the orcs from coming across the mountains. He says that there is one job still left to be assigned: clear out the Monastery of the Sundered Chain for 1000 gp. We agree to do it. They tell us how to get there. It should take us about a day to get to the foot of the mountains, and then we don’t know how long to get through the mountains.

Before we leave, Aldor wants to get info about the arrows. We find nothing, but find out that the group that attacked us are not normally so organized, nor do they typically take gems as payment. We don’t know who hired them, but the person would be a major player in town, not a small time bad guy. Also, it was odd that they knew where we would be to ambush, but not that Theseus was with us, since he is not referenced on the note (potentially a spy in Brindol). We learn that Rufus Crumly buys black market organs. He has a tower in town.

We leave. It’s raining lightly, and it takes us about a day to get to the foot of the river, by the mountains. We have a skill challenge to get to the monastery. Theseus checks for tracks to avoid monsters, aided by Hasim. He fails and we lose 1 healing surge. I try and do a perception check to find our way. I fail. Fist and Aldor do Endurance checks. They also fail. We stumble for hours uselessly in the We kill them.


SOme of us climb the wall and look down into a courtyard. There are bad guys. We all go in and start to fight. We win.


We search the bodies and find mundane items. We are now in front of the monastery. Big domes chamber with impressive dwarf architecture. Windowless. We listen at the door, and here enemies preparing for us on the other side. We set up and open the door. We see a gory alter with an open secret staircase going down. No enemies but we go into initiative. Aldor enters and the enemies come out. We fight. We win.


We search everyone and the room. There are dwarf corpses everywhere. The altar is defaced. We find 80 gp and 300 sp about 1/3 found on dwarf bodies. Fist and Nissa don’t want to keep the dwarf cash so we will bring it back to the Moradin temple in the city. We also find a Bold Victory Chainmail +1. Nissa claims chainmail.

We decent through the stairs in the dais to another level with more bad guys. We fight. Theseus goes down, but Nissa brings him back. We win.


We search the room and find on the orcs 40 gp, a silver necklace (250 gp), potion of healing (claimed by Nissa), parry gauntlets (Aldor claims), belt of flankers bane (Theseus claims).

Jay strikes again!

04/23 (Peter sucks cuz he’s missing)

We press on through the huge hall. Through the giant statues we go, and see a staircase on the far side of the hall, with bad guys. We fight. We win.


We look around and find nothing in the room or the bodies.


Rested with no interruption. We continue on down the stairs until we start to approach a natural cave entrance, and we hear some kind scuffle in the cave. We sneak up to the entrance.

We see a cave with bad guys. There is a large flaming area. There is a dwarf being beaten, with a bad guy saying “Tell us how to open the tunnel!” We fight. During fight we almost die. Aldor drinks a potion. He goes down anyway and later heroically succumbs to his injuries. RIP.

The remaining heroes entertain the thought of tactically retreating. But we stay and barely eek out a victory.


The Fist attends to the corpse of Aldor, Hasim cries over the body and Nissa sings a lament. We realize that we are able to resurrect him, and so prepare to carry him back. We search the area and the bodies and find 1 potion of healing, 90 gp, and Bracers of Escape for Aldor.

We also notice that the tunnel that is blocked off has been deliberately caved in to prevent the orcs from coming this way. We clear this monastery, and so head back to Overlook to resurrect Aldor. We get there safely.


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