Scales of War

Finale! part 1
  • we start in battle and win
  • we find 3 x sculptures worth 250 each, and a harp that belongs to tash
  • we explore the secret tunnels and find the ritual room, we are on a balcony, and fangren is in the midst of the ritual
  • fist gets knocked down early. we eventually prevail and win. then we level up to 9
  • that sword woman shows up (amiria), we inform her of her past and she remembers
  • find small painting worth 1500 gold, gem worth 500gp, 1600gp, circlet of continuity (level 11 robb)
  • we find orders to the wicked-fang gang, sharsham is behind it all
crappy week, awesome delve
  • we keep exploring and fire a test arrow
  • we hear someone getting tortured and arvind explores right into the line of sight of a baddie
  • the prisoner is the wife of a merchant who the fist killed back when he was a highwayman
  • we win! we find 50gp and jewel worth 250gp. we accompany the prisoner outside
  • we find a bathhouse and kill everyone in it and find a key.
  • we find a door with a warning written in abyssal. it says keep out (it costs 10gp)
  • we unbar the huanted room and go in
  • we continue exploring and finally find some rocky peaks, we find some stairs eventually, we start fighting some gnolls
  • we beat the guards and chase one in, and then dont get a short rest
  • there are some crazy portals, we fight, during which theseus finds a secret door. we search the bodies inside and out. we find 300gp, battle standard of the hungry blade (level 9 Robb).
  • gnolls are all armed with better quality weapons of shadar-kai origin. we determine there are 2 creatures in hallway, and kill them
On the road again (again & then again))
  • we revive Reniss
  • she was sent to retrieve us and bring us back to Brindol
  • it has to do with an artifact we recovered
  • on the way back we meet some soldiers a little less than half way there, Zoram Splintershield questions us. informs us unprovoked attacks and abductions.
  • trip takes a week, arrive late at night. Hall of valor is closed up.
  • Sir Tanian greets us. asks us if we remember platinum blade. the sword spoke to him and asks to speak with us (specifically by name). it speaks in a female voice. it asks for our aid. tells of a monastery that was attacked by a gnoll cheiftain
    Decades ago, a race of monastics born of the Elemental Chaos established a monastery in Elsir Vale. These were the githzerai, who lived secretly in their remote outpost before suddenly vanishing. Their monastery of Graystone was well hidden, and remained uninhabited for long years.

“Some months ago, Graystone Monastery was invaded and claimed by a pack of gnoll mercenaries calling themselves the Wicked Fang. Their leader, a sadistic follower of the demon lord Yeenoghu, has begun to send his raiders out into Elsir Vale and beyond. In recent weeks, this gnoll chieftain Fangren has managed to open a conduit of power to Yeenoghu’s realm in the Elemental Chaos. He plans to claim some small fragment of the demon lord’s power, transforming himself into an exarch of the Beast of Butchery. It was the creation of this conduit that awoke me from my age-long slumber.

“If Fangren completes his ritual, demonic forces will have gained a foothold in the mortal realm. More importantly, that conduit to the Elemental Chaos can be manipulated through a ritual that I will provide to you. This is the boon that I pray you grant me. Bring me to Graystone Monastery and free me from this prison.”

  • The Wicked Fang is familiar to us. we overheard a conversation of gnolls in umberforge
  • exarch is a powerful follower of a god
  • claims that her memories are gone. does not even know why she only wanted to speak to us
  • enemies burst in and attack us, we wail on them, we search them and find 4 gems each worth 100
  • we travel to greystone monastary (SC), we realize someone is following us, but we out-think him, and we see the cliff
  • gilgathorn attacks us, but we win. Theseus calls him “Thorn” as he dies. we find 11 gems each worth 100 gp, and 400gp
  • we continue exploring the room
  • this area is complete
  • we insight that the ring will offer some form of protection while traveling through parts of Hell
  • we must find an expert on Hell
  • a messenger informs us that someone in Brindol is looking for us. it is Reniss. we start an SC to look for her
  • someone saw reniss going off with some tough types that looked way to happy to see her. one has a mage. a pair of them looked like they had horns. we find someone who might be affiliated, an elf (gilgathorn, or thorn to our friends) warns us of the lost ones, and that we have a bounty on our heads (Sarshan is behind it). someone recognizes Modra (the guy who helped us in the shadowfell), he tells us that the one who is seeking us out Szagyn. He took reniss. we are looking for someone who is disguised as a simple trader. modra’s info proves correct. we see a suspicious bearded man giving a note to a hawker. we steal the note, and learn they are after us and that they will kill Reniss soon. We fail the challenge, and we end up attracting a lot of attention. but we learn that the temple is near
  • we charge the temple, epic combat ensues
  • we find reniss, we find 2 potions of healing, and 600gp
On the road again
  • we are on the way to Denovar
  • rumor is that it is a high-stakes, cut-throat city. complete with warring merchants
  • Nissa buys Irrefutable chainmail (2,600), (sells bold victory chainmail)
  • the trip is uneventful, it is a huge city
  • we start making inquiries, and it takes a few hours. A Francis Strong conforms to our description him. He was a good man until dealings with the Lannings.
  • Lannings were a influental family. John Lanning headed the family and was a militant crusader of Sehanine.
  • Francis Strong: inherited business, and had older sister (who was devoted to good works). Mother was a cut-throat merchant and was rumored to have devil blood.
  • we are pointed to an old abandoned lanning manor. the lannings are either dead or not in the city. The sister is not alive.
  • to the Warehouse! we find a statue devouted to sehanine. also a portrait. the women in the picture have puzzle rings, just like the Fist has. The fist resembles one of the ladies, and seems to have one of the rings that the women are wearing.
  • one of the women is amelia stong. the woman on the right is lucy lanning
  • we search the rest of the manor. you find an attic with a stack of letters. mostly mundane. Marriage between francis and lucy (fists parents). Francis felt it was out of convenience, Lucy’s father disapproved (violated tenants of sehanine.
  • john laning was looking for an excuse to investigate Francis’s business. Francis was determined to clean up mother’s business.
  • back to merchant district to look for more info, anyone who knows amelia dont want to discuss the matter. “if you want to find out something, arrange a meeting with Albert Du Corsell” one the of the merchants, and a contemporary (probably) of Francis
  • we go speak to him. he complains of corruption. knows of our quest, assures us he means no harm. warns of looking into the past and asks us to convince him. tells us of hatred and bloodshed in his parents past.
  • Fist’s grandmother ruled (her business) with iron fist
  • Father started out good, but changed when his sister fell in with Vonapps (helmut and frediric)
  • Fredreic seduced francis’ sister (it is said).
  • Albert wont tell us more, but begins chanting in arcane language. it is supernal tongue, ritual of pelor that removes devil taint from subject. Can be subtly manipulated to bind subject to 3 headed beast. likely frederic switched rituals on sister, she tried to remove devil taint. Vonaps had dealings with Jerion. they were also bitter rivals of francis.
  • John Lanning arrested amelia for devil worship, and crucified and burned her. Others have taken interested in finder her body. Theifling (mogot) seeks the other half of the ring.
  • spend 500gp to convince Albert to help. but we convince him to give it charity. John lanning then died, said to have been murdered by Francis. Lucy left town. the Vonaps were slain. and Francis reverted to running the business like his mother (all evil)
  • we overhear this theifling in the umberforge. this thiefling is a worshiper of dispater.
  • masden knew francis after he became all evil. francis eventually died in a chalk circle symbol of dispater.
  • john lanning had a hidden shrine that we can access. body is most likely there.
  • we go to the shrine. albert checks us out and creeps us out. only theseus can tell albert is aiding us for reasons of his own.
  • lots of inquisitions held here. skeleton is of a woman. mogot bursts in and we enter combat. theseus gets used to attack his friends
  • we win. we find 3 gems worth 500 each. 200gp.
  • the lever reveals a compartment that has the puzzle ring and steadfast boots (level 8 Aldor)
  • mantle of the summer queen (nibeney’s cruel reminder level 8 Nissa)
Devil in the details
  • akiko suggests checking out the church of sehanine. specifically ellis, the dude we antagonized in the gentlemen’s club. she warns we risk incurring the unwanted scrutiny of the organization
  • we spend yet another 360+150+520+250+360+140+360+50+360+100 = 2,550 on more bloody rituals
  • we plan to get ellis and get him to tell us where Devon St clair, and bob Mcginty are hiding
  • we intimidate the crap out of ellis, we go and chat
  • we convince ellis to leave the order. He tells us Devon and Bob are in a cavern under an abandoned warehouse. They serve some evil deity.
  • we go to the warehouse and confront Devon, the fists family still lives, we confront devon, who tries and gets us to let him kill Mardsen, who worships a separate
  • we win and find a +2 wand of frost (Aldor), 100 gp worth of gems, 50gp, potion of healing
  • We talk to mardsen, we confront him with the knowledge of his allegiance, and he denies any knowledge, but Theseus the wise sees through the lies.
  • the ritual Devon needed to kill mardsen (a devil worshipper) in order to become part devil and assume a new identity
  • theseus the wise knows that tattoos are not a common practice among these worshipers of Dispater
  • we dont know much about dispater, no real active cults, but does corrupt active figures
  • we waste 25gp looking for secret doors
  • we find a slot in the altar that seems to match the charm
  • we put the charm in the slot (gingerly), a pair of eyes show, then another pair. “in endless shadow, we wait” it’s geryon
  • The fist’s father must have some devlish blood in him, the fist is an orphan
  • we pull off the ultimate diplomacy check and let mardsen go. he tells us to investigate the city of Talar Dennovar.
  • he tells us the Fist’s father was the most vile human being mardsen ever encounters. he says “Human” we note that we know he is part devil. Mardsen worked as a trading concern and worked with the Fist’s father, which is how he knows him. tall powerfully built man. cold blue eyes. Knew him 20 years ago.
  • we return to madrsens manor and we are given 1,800gp.
  • Aldor likes rituals
  • we cross over into the normal realm
  • we decide not to rest and summon the ghost again, the ghost is no longer tethered and thanks us and she drops a cord, Lurtan’s cord (level 10)
  • we stay at the tavern, and receive a note the next day and are summoned to meet councilman Troyas
  • we go, and also meet the chief-inspector, and the lord Kal we met at a ball
  • there has been a murder in the city, and lord Kal wants us to solve it, the chief inspector hates that we are involved
  • Victim was lady of west-something hall, found dead in her room. she was wealthy, art dealer, influential, intelligent
  • no trace of physical violence, looks like poison
  • skill challenge initiated!!
  • …and it is big
  • we waste another 25gp
  • john garnet is the Fist’s tormentor from the orphanage, also he has a tattoo HH surmounted by a crown (something about a demon, ask arvind)
  • We narrow it down to Devon St.clair and Bob McGinty, we find out that all the people killed were followers of dispater
  • we find 3 jewels of evil faces, and the 3 faces come to life and fill our minds with voices

First voice: “The Iron Duke will fall. Slay his servants, reduce his influence, and wait for the day when we return to our rightful place in Hell.”

Second voice: “He was faithless in the rebellion, yet we, who were loyal, found ourselves cast from Hell! It cannot be borne. He must pay. We must have our revenge.”

Third voice: “Defy the Broken Beast, and you will die. But slowly, in agony unending, suffering one hundred years for every minute we are deprived of what is ours.”

The jewel implies Geryon is the broken beast and targeted Dispater.

  • spirit leaves boy’s body. spirit is all mad at us. we start fighting the ghost
  • we are rolling horribly
  • Theseus rolls a crit and does 72 damage/2
  • he finally dies
  • we find +2 badge of the beserker (theseus level 7)
  • we level up!
  • we collect the boy and bring him back to SHanta, who is gradually recovers from her trance
  • the boy’s strength of heart prevented him from being completely consumed by ghost, shanta vaguely remembers shapes in distance while she was moving through the orchard
  • we do a SC to get beck to village
  • we spend 10gp, we SC our way back to the portal, but we think someone has been following us, we wait it turns out azara has follows and attacks with more winter nyphms and eladrin frost warriors
  • we use a potion of healing, but we wail on them
literally literary
  • Theseus is just able to fight off worse set of symptoms in were-curse. Still have -2 to WILL. Aroooooooo
  • we are ambushed by frosty nymphs and we blow some dallies to kill them
  • we find a mansion. in front of mansion is an orchard, everything is chilly
  • Theseus finally shakes the werewolf STD he got
  • we start passing through the orchard. we freak out at a dead branch
  • Nissa needs to make a Wisdom check and fails,things are made clearer
  • we make it to the mansion. Aldor attempts to climb a tree. the tree comes to life and asks us to “speak the words that ring true”, the mansion doors open. Everything is eerily silent.
  • “no one wants to talk to trees” – Aldor
  • we determine that the 1st bedroom belonged to some kind of bard, and find a gaunt figure (is alive), no blue clothing, it is Shanta “he waits at the heart of the maze”. The fist “heals”, she says “hedge maze, outside grounds”
  • bed #2, just dusty. find a book of recipes. this room was lived in by Nissa’s Father
  • 3rd bedroom. another bard’s room. find yet another poem.
    For sorrow masters me, and I am its slave:
    For I am one with sorrow — its pain is mine. (C’s suggestion — far too overwrought.)
    For I am sorrow, and it inhabits me. (needlessly wordy! should be simpler, tighter)
    For I am sorrow, and sorrow am I.
    >> Nissa remembers mom and dad talking about poem in hushed tones, but never when Nissa was around
  • 4th bedroom: Wizard room. black robes. Aldor spends 25gp on detect hidden doors. Theseus finds a book the has notes on prince of frost: (we have to rap battle him)
  • History check: get some info see email: You have heard the story of Helgar, a master bard who faced the Pale Prince in battle and weakened him by singing a song written by the Prince’s long-lost love.
  • we go to hedge maze: we get to center and hear morose talking. it is the boy, dressed in bard’s garb. we enter his mind
  • we argue about the finer points of a winding text

The Dead Are Not Dead


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