Scales of War

broke on rituals, literally asleep
  • we start looking around and stuff (4/3 SC)
  • we still have -2 to all defenses, can save against with DC wisdom 16
  • Theseus is horrified to discover he is questing with some dirty feywildians
  • we spend another 10 gp on a ritual, then another 80. then we succeed on navigate the forest
  • we find a cabin, a clearing, aged gnome hobbles out of cabin. we go into the creepy old cabin, he is a hermit that likes company. Nissa reminds him of someone
  • he knew nissa’s father. nissa relates whole story of father’s murder. he was a wild one. mentions the Prince of Frost, an archfey, some baddie, also warns of us the maiden of morning
  • he has heard of the old woman and the boy, he was heading due east, towards village of mistwatch
  • we have a sense of chilliness, that oppresses us. mistwatch is quaint. villagers are listless
  • we chat up a human man, he has not seen the old woman and young boy. neither has brother. mentions a nearby settlement “oath and oath prison”. their sister, Yanilla, and her friend pria, for taking peaches from Azara Icewind. Affiliated with prince of frost.
  • we ask around village, woman from local supply store is optimistic, tells us that frost touches all hearts
  • we hear noises in the brush, a hag and some werewolves. theseus goes ballistic. theseus get werewolf disease (-2 to WILL)
  • we get to the prison and attempt to start a riot. this place is filled with arbitrarily imprisoned. we spend another goddamn 30gp. we pwn the challenge. we get the riot started. prisoners all flee
  • discover last warden’s journal and strange engraving on the wall of one of the cells. poem is recognizable to Nissa. words written by a famous eladrin poet, Nissa’s father adventured with author of these words (Celebrimbor). Prya is dead.
  • we talk to Yanissa. some conflict between lina and someone else over desolate mansion. We can try and find mansion.
  • aldor attempts to determine why prisoner 81 (lina) was quoting this poem, this dovetails into us thinking Celebrimbor is the one possessing people and driving them crazy
  • NO TREASURE! do find 2 potions of healing
  • we look for the mansion.\
  • tash has apparently fallen asleep
Into the wild
  • we are still fighting dara and company
  • we find cabin has been occupied for a long time, 4 gems worth 100 each, paintings 3*250, 2 potions of healing, 500gp, +2 robe of scintillation Lvl 7(Aldor), +2 verve plate (fist)
  • find note that mentions Zorn, which causes a panic attack in Aldor, memory of weird experiments. note also describes how best to attack us.
  • right in the middle of strategy session, aldor wants to buy a ritual,
  • we want to find the boy, we find out where his house is
  • we go to the sing house and it is all rundown and looted.
  • we find a letter behind a drawer. Priya hung herself, shanta raised the boy, boy started acting strangely, seemed like he was possessed by some elven spirit, shanta took boy to woods
  • we start looking for the boy, initiating a skill challenge, we determine that one of us has to pull a carradine, everyone elects theseus,we spend 30gp plus 75 for new ritual, it doesnt help, Ghost tells us same phrase Nissa has heard in dreams. we finally pass, we are transpoted to feywild
  • we start a fight, there is a gremlim deceiver, and some tree guys, it is tough but we win, milestone, dont find anything
get outta dodge, into a different dodge
  • Modra’s shenanigans are working, we scramble through the portal and get the hell outta of there to avoid being caught in a crumbling tower
  • back at happy beggar, we destroy the portals
  • we’ve dealt a major blow sharsan
  • we buy a lot of rituals for 995gp
  • shanta is a lead we have in brindol, went mad. also Dara, who is trying to aldor’s organs
  • we travel for a few days, and reach the outskirts of Brindol. on the outskirts. we see a strange scene. burly black cloak guard arguing with old man with 7 canaries. Bouncer (lawrence crawford “chuckles”) recognizes Fist. they start chatting.
  • we enter antler and thistle. Fist asks about “lunatics”. Chuckles notes unusual behavior but not necessarily an increase, but knows about the shanta stories, but not name.
  • they disappears within the last few months.
  • not that much going on, but chuckles is not really in the know.
  • Aldor speaks with Moonglow. we see Swiftblade, Odell Acton a town magistrate and priest of Erathis (and also blind)
  • we go talk to Meghan Swiftblade and Odell. she has just returned from some minor quest. We tell her we are still after Dara
  • she suggest we go to Laughing manticore (for dara), she doesnt thing there is anything in the Shanta story. Odell doesnt say much about it. Odell asks Fist if he has angered someone in his order (church of Sehanine). Eliss Shepherd, kept straying to Fist, he edged around and try to listen in on fist’s conversation. Madrik sees eliss all the time and the brindol gentleman’s club
  • Leads: Laughing Manticore for Dara lead
  • we can go search for the woods (for spreading crazy) (also Shanta leads)
  • Eliss dude seemed suspicious of Fist, hangs out at Brindol’s gentelmen’s club
  • Meghan and Odell both recommend talking to Sirtania – caretaker of museum
  • We start Skill challenge for info gathering
  • The Woods: pointed some stones, and made spectral woman dangling from tree. Looks at nissa “are you my poor child”, stones are now in original position
  • Laughing Manticore: we win the Wist game. We meet dude from freeriders. Dark haired (dara) has sniper in entourage. We win 3 gems worth 300 total, belt of luck strikes (theseus)
  • Hall of great valor: NEUTRAL!!! Cabin occupied by dark haired woman.
  • Brindol gentlemans: get a letter, Eliss wants Aldor to “get what is coming to him” (Lead) 3 images (dara writes letter, delivered by herself, written in small room)
  • we approach the cabin, knowing that there is a sniper hiding betwixt us and it.

Loose Threads

Sarshan Smarshan...
  • we do a mini skill challenge to short rest, we learn there are 8 shadar kai warriors, 6 shadar kai chain fighters, 4 gnolls, unspecified number of insects, a pleasure garden, 2 devils, at least two creates we cannot get a bead on called umbral hunters, thanu and messenger
  • overheard conversations:
    1. non-combatant shadar kai researchers, were supposed to continue looking at mutations, but have been re-directed, modra is working
    2. gnolls bickering, finds it difficult to use weapons, talk about “wicked fang” being forged
    3. in great hall, see chain-fighter facing a teifling, having argument:
    Chainfighter: “Calm yourself. I assure you that Sarshan takes your concerns very seriously.”

Tiefling: “Do not patronize us. Your master now consorts with our enemies. The Iron Crown does not serve, it only commands. If you seek to make it your tool, it will turn to molten flame on your head, and you will perish, cursing both life and death.”

Chainfighter: “Sarshan does not take kindly to threats, hellspawn. Perhaps you had better leave.”

Tiefling: “I will, but only because our business is at an end. These two I leave with you as the final part of our bargain, which is now lawfully terminated. But the Crown’s memory is long. Pray that your master never finds himself in our domain.” Hideous chuckle. Tiefling disappears in a puff of smoke.

  • we find a fey-blessed circlet (tash)level 8
  • we come up with a convoluted bluff scheme in order to split forces, somehow it doesnt work and fighting starts, we win after a lot of suckage (+2 vanguard fullblade, and 100 gp)
  • we find 100gp in the sage quarters
  • we are cowards and decide to avoid two combats
  • we go up the north west staircase, my awesome perception spots two insects, thanu arrives from south with some other dude, we start fighting
  • we win and 500gp and the key
Forge Ahead!
  • we are in combat and have a surprise round
  • there are a lot of vats
  • we win after some epic combat
  • we find 310 gold
  • we find a gem worth 500gp
  • another creeper approaches us (Modra) and wises to talk
  • used to work for sharsan, turned against him because of what he witnessed during the orc raids
  • can show us secret entrance on west wall to sharsan’s tower, he suggests we take out sharsan or else the shadowfeld world will invade the material plane
  • we need to kill one of sharsan’s guards (thanu) to get his key to get back to our plane
  • he suggests we not directly confront sharsan at our current power level
  • there is a hidden dart trap, we can rest at a shrine that not even sharsan knows about, enemies around here have powers that look for weaknesses in our armor
  • we take secret door, leaving reniss with modra. Theseus is all moody because he had grown accustomed to her face…
  • the tension builds as we download a map…….
  • can hear faint sound of low voice conversation
  • we reach the top of the stairs and burst into the room
  • we get filled with darts, but we win
  • we realize we need to clean up so that no one discovers the battle
  • we find 340gp, this room is a library for research
shadow dancing!
  • we are still in combat
  • we rock.
  • we find an amulet of protection (nissa lvl 6), and a horned helm (theseus lvl 6)
  • we go to another room and discover that Skuld has used another portal, but our key will not work on it
  • we use a staircase and emerge from the cave and discover we are in the shadowfell…and the key wont get us back
  • two sentries mistake us for mercenaries and state “sarshan does not tolerate disobedience”
  • we are in the umbraforge, and need to find info and figure out how to get home
  • info we learn:
    mercenary camp:
  • Sarshan is the founder and ruler, and is a trader of great wealth
  • Sarshan is a shadar-kai, and his old adventuring group is the black arrow
    Slave market
  • we fail the group stealth check and end up fighting ogres, whom we kill and we get 3 gems worth 100 each
  • see dude selling low quality slaves, he his handed a note from thanu that is a threat
  • modra was one one of Sarshan’s lieutenants but screwed it up by approving a deal that Sarshan rejected
  • modra hasnt been heard from since being demoted, and skuld took his place, therefore skuld works for sarsham
    market tents
  • the foundry to the north is the new jewel of Sarshan’s empire. has some awesome fire. find 1 potion of spirit (Drink this potion and spend a healing surge. You do not regain hit points as normal. Instead, you gain a +1 power bonus to death saving throws until the end of the encounter.) and 60gp and a +2 cloak of distortion (lvl9)
    forges (second part of challenge)
  • mercenaries are accepted from outside the shadowfell
  • we find notes authorizing signed by Thannu
  • we spend 10gp on a ritual
  • we reach the foundry, the slave bazaar must be more than it seems, the foundry is being used to make more soldiers

Surviving the Umbraforge

give it away now
  • Aldor give 3gp to the owners of the happy beggar
  • We attempt to get info about the creepers, an arms dealer, involved in Reniss’s sister’s death
  • are directed to Mira, a woman with red hair that has said something about seeing shapes in the night
  • we give Mira 4gp
  • a couple of nights ago Mira witnesses to figures in black. One kills the other, and mutters over the body “three heads dont need no crown”
  • Mira thinks she has seen a hidden door inside, Theseus spots it, nissa gets us a gp
  • we pick the lock secretly and go through and encounter rubble that was arranged by hand, Fist intuits that there is a secret door under the rubble
  • we explore door and all but theseus and reniss tumble to the ground, we see creatures, we fight (4 enormous bats), we win, dont find treasure
  • we carefully descend the cliff
  • explore the tunnel through the arch
  • we sneak up on grog and a room full of nasties, we kick-butt, Shadowkai witch uses a key and gets goes through portal
  • we find river of life gloves (robb)
  • we step through portal, enter marble cave, can see dark creeper and witch, then a whole bunch of wraiths
  • View
    • Current lead is Yerrin, half elf head of thieves guild who can help us find “Splinter” the alias of the dude trying to kill us
    • we meet yerrin, in the salty mug tavern
    • divulged “lost ones”, a rival thieves guild
    • grog is not native to this plane, and is an agent of the lost ones
    • we fail the 12/3 challenge, but we find a cypher (stylized crown on dark citadel)
    • mark is of Dispater, arch devil ruler of second plane of hell
    • we now have the splinter, dwarf with crooked shoulder, actually named balin battleheart
    • he works for a spy named Dara, his boss in overlook is a dark creeper, doesnt know name
    • Dara specifically order aldor so they could to harvest his organs
    • Dude also works for Dara (bought defective goods)
    • we take to the street to find more info on grog, the lost ones, and the dark creepers
    • we are ambushed by 3 human fighters, we win. They are dark ones Lost Ones.
    • we find 160gp
    • we keep searching, some dragonborn starts mocking us, mouths off about creepers. he is Anwar, local cleric of Bane
    • creeper named skuld has taken over operations in overlook
    • find 1 potion of clarity and 40gp
    • creepers have been buying info, and mining stone mountains
    • learned about Shanta, someone in town is making people crazy
    • the skull person still deals in arms but organs are where the real money is
    • find potion of healing, and 1 potion of elven fleetness
    • half-elf woman (Reniss, adventurer) warns us against aligning with Skuld, her sister was murdered (and part of company of wolves), by Skuld. Met a creeper that used to to work for skuld (poorhouse: Happy beggar) at a local inn (the Clean Sheets).

    potion of elven fleetness: Power (Consumable): Minor Action. After consuming this potion, you ignore difficult terrain when you shift. This effect lasts for the duration of the encounter or for 5 minutes, whichever comes first.
    potion of clarity: Power (Consumable): Minor Action. When you drink this potion, you must spend a daily magic item use. Once, before the end of the encounter, when you make an attack roll with an encounter or a daily attack power of 5th level or lower, you can reroll the attack roll but must use the second result.

    Skill Challenges:
    Brokering a Deal (failed)
    Creeping the Creepers (succeeded)
    It's the Final Countdown! Let's Punch 'Em in the Nexus!

    06/10 (we’re all here)

    We continue along the catwalk, meeting bad guys. Lots of bad guys. And we roll like crap. Nissa falls twice. Hasim falls also. Aldor uses one potion to revive Nissa. We ultimately make it to the top of the catwalk, where we find a control panel. The panel will seal the tunnels through the mountains and fill the chamber with boiling water. Luckily, there is a ladder to a hatch in the ceiling for our escape.

    The Fist goes down, and we use a potion to revive him. On the warlock we find nothing of note. We all make it out, having sealed the tunnels. Edgar Summerfield is missing. We get back to town without incident, and get the 1000 gp of reward.


    We're too sexy for the catwalk

    05/24 (we’re all here)

    We search the room and the bodies. We find a brass key on one guy. As we search the pipes, only the southern side of the valves is hot. Theseus realizes that we will need to open the pipes to seal the nexus. We do so. We find a dead half-elven female with a sending stone in her hand (walkie-talkie with a missing matching stone). We recognize her as part of the company of wolves.

    We try an listen to the stone, and here nothing. We go through the door and enter into another fight. There are goblins and a cave troll. We win.


    We search the room. We find an altar to Moridin that has been defaced. We find 3 more bodies of the Co of Wolves (4/5 found; Edgar Summerfield left). In two staues, we find an Amulet of Life (Fist) in one and in the other we find a crown of leaves (Hasim).

    EXTENDED REST (6 hrs)

    The next day we continue on exploring towards the left. In one of the rooms, we find gems (100 gp ea), 80 gp and 2 potions of healing (Aldor & Fist). We then continue through the next set of doors upwards.

    We arrive at the nexus room. Big glowing pillar and catwalks. We move along the catwalk, meeting bad guys periodically.


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