Castellan of the Hall of Great Valor


An elderly man who fought in the Battle of Brindol, Sertanian is now the caretaker of the Hall of Great Valor, which houses the relics from that titanic battle. Sertanian is a dignified old man with a slight tremor in his hands and an almost obsessive interest in the exploits of the Order of the Phoenix, whom he views with reverence approaching awe. Sertanian has a cordial working relationship with Eothel, who has, in the past, used his trade contacts and influence to procure rare artifacts for the museum’s collection. He has a fondness for Nissa, Eothel’s adopted daughter, and sometimes shares tales of his exploits as a soldier of Brindol with her over a pint of ale at the Antler and Thistle Tavern.

Rescued from dungeons of Castle Rivenroar by heroes.


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