Marsden Kaal

Lord of Kaal Manor, member of the Brindol City Council


A tall, imposing man in his early forties with patrician features and the least touch of gray in his hair, Marsden Kaal is a shrewd and gifted merchant who owns more business and holds more outstanding markers than anyone else in Brindol. Marsden inherited part of his talent for manipulation and self-enrichment from his mother Verrasa, who was killed in the Battle of Brindol. However, he recently encountered a setback when his brother Marad, a gambler and drunkard, brought public disgrace upon himself by borrowing against Marsden Manor to gamble further on the hopes of paying off his debts; when the attempt failed, he tried to flee town in the family’s horse-drawn carriage, but drove the conveyance, along with his young niece Selina, straight into the river, killing them both.

Although Lord Marsden has since paid off his dead brother’s debts, his influence and reputation are currently somewhat diminished in Brindol.

Marsden Kaal

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