Ellis Sheppard

Former high priest of Moondust Temple (Sehanine), now exiled from Brindol


Horizon Walker Sheppard is a boisterous, middle-aged hedonist with a relaxed attitude to religious worship. As befits a servant of a god whose portfolio also includes love, he is quite free with his affections, changing lovers almost as frequently as he changes the loud, sartorial shirts he favors.

Chapter 4 Update: Having amassed a prodigious personal debt as a result of his gambling problem and spending money on his many lovers (of which Corinna was one), Ellis Sheppard was in desperate need of money. Via a human spy, Aldor’s unknown antagonist contacted Ellis and offered him a steady stream of income in exchange for intelligence on the city’s affairs. Confronted by the heroes with his dark deeds, Ellis exchanged his life for information on his former employers, but was banished by the Fist of Sehanine from the city of Brindol. Whether Ellis will mend his ways remains to be seen…

Ellis Sheppard

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