Edgar Sommerfield

Leader of the Company of Wolves


An insecure, petty, and restless man, Edgar craves notoriety and the public accolades which he feels are his natural birthright. He is the second son of the Sommerfield family, a minor noble family whose poverty forced Edgar into the world to make a name for himself. He has recently formed the Company of Wolves, a grandly titled adventuring band, and hopes to ascend to fame and wealth through deeds of valor. His jealousy of the growing reputation of the Second Wind is barely concealed.

Chapter 4 Update: Following the death of his adventuring comrades beneath the Vents of Bordrin’s Watch, Edgar became a worshiper of Dispater, only to receive his just desserts from Devon St. Clair, a follower of Geryon determined to purge Brindol of Dispater’s followers. Edgar was murdered in the back room of the Hall of Great Valour, a wasteful, inglorious end precisely commensurate with his spiteful and empty life.

Edgar Sommerfield

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