Lead dancer at the Brindol Gentleman's Club


Corinna’s dance routines at the Brindol Gentleman’s Club are the stuff of legend in the city. Brindol’s authorities suspect that Corinna may be at the bottom of a number of illegal operations in the city (fencing, thieving, protection rackets, and the distribution of illicit ‘recreational’ drugs). Fond of expensive dresses and gaudy jewelry, Corinna is an eminently shrewd woman whose street smarts, social poise, and keen eye command respect throughout the city. A charming conversationalist and good-natured in public settings, Corinna is not someone to be trifled with.

Chapter 4 Update: Corinna’s performances at the Brindol Gentleman’s Club led her into a brief relationship with Horizonwalker Ellis Sheppard, whom she bled heavily for money. Following Sheppard’s banishment from Brindol, Corinna appears to have severed ties with the disgraced former high priest of Sehanine.


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