Niniel Moonglow

Proprietor of the Antler and Thistle Tavern


A warm, compassionate, and beautiful elf whose wisdom and firm common sense make her an unofficial counselor to the citizens who patronize her bar, Niniel considers it her personal duty to enrich the city of Brindol in whatever way she can. During the Battle of Brindol, her house caught fire from the repeated attacks of Abithriax, the great red dragon of Azarr Kul’s army. Trapped inside, she would have likely perished but for the heroic efforts of the Order of the Phoenix, who slew Abithriax, forced their way into her house, and rescued her from the flames.

Today, Niniel runs the Antler and Thistle Tavern, and in her spare time, works as a volunteer at the temple of Pelor. An avid amateur archer, she often sponsors archery competitions at her tavern, offering drinks at half price and donating many of the proceeds to help fund civic projects. Such is her reputation in the city that she often receives many anonymous donations to help keep the tavern, which has become something of a community center in Brindol, solvent. Of course, considering her beauty and good spirit, Niniel receives just as many spontaneous marriage proposals as she does tavern donations.

Niniel has a deep, abiding reverence for the Order of the Phoenix, for saving both her life and Brindol itself. However, she also considers it vitally important that the citizens of Brindol never forget the horrors of war, or the price so many paid in order to defend the city from the Red Hand. A tattered, blood-stained standard of the Red Hand hangs above the tavern’s fireplace; it has been divinely enchanted to avoid decay, but also to deliver a sharp, stinging prick to whoever touches it (1 point of radiant damage). The damage is a reminder that danger is always present, and to avoid falling into complacency. Every year on All Heroes’ Day, Niniel arranges an archery competition; the winner of the competition gets a generous monetary reward but must also serve a mandatory one-month tour of duty in the city guard.

Niniel is always taking in strays of all kinds. At the moment, she employs an apparently lack-witted and confused eldarin named Aldor Rake to help her run the tavern.

Niniel Moonglow

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