Madrick never planned on becoming an adventurer; he was content in his forest home in the Feywild with his pet raccoon, Bandit. However, the formorians raided his community, and only by his quick wit and a timely warning from Bandit did Madrick escape. Unfortunately for him, he went through a doorway into the natural world. Confused, surprised, and a little homesick, Madrick spent the next few months wandering until he came to the Elsir Vale. He gravitated to Hillwatch, hoping to make a home for himself among the gnome population. However, he grew weary of the perpetual life of the outsider, tolerated but never welcomed by the townsfolk. The only person with whom Madrick forged any sort of intimate connection was the proprietor of the local inn, and when he was murdered by an angry necromancer under mysterious circumstances, Madrick left Hillwatch and struck out on his own.

Making his way into the heart of the Vale community, Madrick took up with the Freeriders for lack of anything else to do and has remained with them ever since. Although he enjoys their company, he’s always looking for a way back to his home so he might rescue his captured kin.

Madrick is short, with pale skin, and large black eyes. He wears brown and gray clothing to help him sneak about. His best friend in the world is Bandit and the raccoon is never far from his side.


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