Scales of War


  • Aldor likes rituals
  • we cross over into the normal realm
  • we decide not to rest and summon the ghost again, the ghost is no longer tethered and thanks us and she drops a cord, Lurtan’s cord (level 10)
  • we stay at the tavern, and receive a note the next day and are summoned to meet councilman Troyas
  • we go, and also meet the chief-inspector, and the lord Kal we met at a ball
  • there has been a murder in the city, and lord Kal wants us to solve it, the chief inspector hates that we are involved
  • Victim was lady of west-something hall, found dead in her room. she was wealthy, art dealer, influential, intelligent
  • no trace of physical violence, looks like poison
  • skill challenge initiated!!
  • …and it is big
  • we waste another 25gp
  • john garnet is the Fist’s tormentor from the orphanage, also he has a tattoo HH surmounted by a crown (something about a demon, ask arvind)
  • We narrow it down to Devon St.clair and Bob McGinty, we find out that all the people killed were followers of dispater
  • we find 3 jewels of evil faces, and the 3 faces come to life and fill our minds with voices

First voice: “The Iron Duke will fall. Slay his servants, reduce his influence, and wait for the day when we return to our rightful place in Hell.”

Second voice: “He was faithless in the rebellion, yet we, who were loyal, found ourselves cast from Hell! It cannot be borne. He must pay. We must have our revenge.”

Third voice: “Defy the Broken Beast, and you will die. But slowly, in agony unending, suffering one hundred years for every minute we are deprived of what is ours.”

The jewel implies Geryon is the broken beast and targeted Dispater.



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