Scales of War


  • we continue exploring the room
  • this area is complete
  • we insight that the ring will offer some form of protection while traveling through parts of Hell
  • we must find an expert on Hell
  • a messenger informs us that someone in Brindol is looking for us. it is Reniss. we start an SC to look for her
  • someone saw reniss going off with some tough types that looked way to happy to see her. one has a mage. a pair of them looked like they had horns. we find someone who might be affiliated, an elf (gilgathorn, or thorn to our friends) warns us of the lost ones, and that we have a bounty on our heads (Sarshan is behind it). someone recognizes Modra (the guy who helped us in the shadowfell), he tells us that the one who is seeking us out Szagyn. He took reniss. we are looking for someone who is disguised as a simple trader. modra’s info proves correct. we see a suspicious bearded man giving a note to a hawker. we steal the note, and learn they are after us and that they will kill Reniss soon. We fail the challenge, and we end up attracting a lot of attention. but we learn that the temple is near
  • we charge the temple, epic combat ensues
  • we find reniss, we find 2 potions of healing, and 600gp



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