Scales of War

literally literary

  • Theseus is just able to fight off worse set of symptoms in were-curse. Still have -2 to WILL. Aroooooooo
  • we are ambushed by frosty nymphs and we blow some dallies to kill them
  • we find a mansion. in front of mansion is an orchard, everything is chilly
  • Theseus finally shakes the werewolf STD he got
  • we start passing through the orchard. we freak out at a dead branch
  • Nissa needs to make a Wisdom check and fails,things are made clearer
  • we make it to the mansion. Aldor attempts to climb a tree. the tree comes to life and asks us to “speak the words that ring true”, the mansion doors open. Everything is eerily silent.
  • “no one wants to talk to trees” – Aldor
  • we determine that the 1st bedroom belonged to some kind of bard, and find a gaunt figure (is alive), no blue clothing, it is Shanta “he waits at the heart of the maze”. The fist “heals”, she says “hedge maze, outside grounds”
  • bed #2, just dusty. find a book of recipes. this room was lived in by Nissa’s Father
  • 3rd bedroom. another bard’s room. find yet another poem.
    For sorrow masters me, and I am its slave:
    For I am one with sorrow — its pain is mine. (C’s suggestion — far too overwrought.)
    For I am sorrow, and it inhabits me. (needlessly wordy! should be simpler, tighter)
    For I am sorrow, and sorrow am I.
    >> Nissa remembers mom and dad talking about poem in hushed tones, but never when Nissa was around
  • 4th bedroom: Wizard room. black robes. Aldor spends 25gp on detect hidden doors. Theseus finds a book the has notes on prince of frost: (we have to rap battle him)
  • History check: get some info see email: You have heard the story of Helgar, a master bard who faced the Pale Prince in battle and weakened him by singing a song written by the Prince’s long-lost love.
  • we go to hedge maze: we get to center and hear morose talking. it is the boy, dressed in bard’s garb. we enter his mind
  • we argue about the finer points of a winding text

The Dead Are Not Dead



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