Scales of War


  • spirit leaves boy’s body. spirit is all mad at us. we start fighting the ghost
  • we are rolling horribly
  • Theseus rolls a crit and does 72 damage/2
  • he finally dies
  • we find +2 badge of the beserker (theseus level 7)
  • we level up!
  • we collect the boy and bring him back to SHanta, who is gradually recovers from her trance
  • the boy’s strength of heart prevented him from being completely consumed by ghost, shanta vaguely remembers shapes in distance while she was moving through the orchard
  • we do a SC to get beck to village
  • we spend 10gp, we SC our way back to the portal, but we think someone has been following us, we wait it turns out azara has follows and attacks with more winter nyphms and eladrin frost warriors
  • we use a potion of healing, but we wail on them



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